Bridget Peri Coaching

About Bridget Peri Coaching.

Bridget Peri has a Bachelor's degree in Anthropology from UC Santa Cruz, a Masters in Business Administration from California State University Sacramento, and a Masters in Counseling from California State University Sacramento.

Bridget enjoyed achieving her professional goals as a Sales Manager in a variety of work environments including Fortune 500 company and small business. Bridget is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach through Coaches Training Institute.

Client Testimonial:

"I appreciated Bridget for constantly being my advocate. She held me accountable in a supportive and encouraging way. I felt good during coaching calls even when challenged to explore my evaluations of things and my perspectives. Bridget helped me re-frame my perspectives to best serve my life fulfillment and accomplish my goals. I am a results-oriented person and I achieved real substantive changes in my life in the time we worked together. I am happy with what I have accomplished while working with Bridget."

Bridget Peri

"Sound when stretched is music.  Movement when stretched is dance.  Mind when stretched is meditation. 

Life when stretched is celebration."    Ravi Shankar


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